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The CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) is the vessel for the overseas engineers to live and work in the nation of Australia as technocrats. The CDR reports are assessed and selected by a team belonging to the Australia government known as the Engineers Australia (EA).

To get your CDR report selected by the EA, you always need to follow their guidelines strictly as published on their official website. On this site, you can also download their MSA Booklet, to get a clear idea of the latest guidelines.

It is very tough for the foreign engineers to keep themselves always updated with the latest developments in the EA website. Thus, they need the best CDR writing services online from the most reputed provider. MyCDRAustralia.Com is the only choice for you.

Different Components of the CDR

Curriculum vitae (CV): You always need to enclose your latest updated Curriculum vitae (CV). You need to write it in the best way highlighting all your skill and competencies.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD): It helps to explain your skills and knowledge in the related field. All the updated progressed and technical skills in your engineering career are to be mentioned in the CPD part of your CDR report.

The Three Career Episodes (CEs): These are a very important part of your CDR report. Here you need to explain your role as a team leader in all the previous projects handled by you. You need to write in an active voice and the first person.

Summary Statement (SS): It is a one paragraph statement in a summarized form of all the matter estimated by you your 3 Career Episodes. You need to do a cross reference to all the career episodes mentioned by you previously.

The CDR engineers Australia online service provided by us will give you a crystal-clear idea on how to write all these in a way as needed by the Engineers Australia (EA) assessors.

Tips to get your CDR Report Accepted by the EA

There is a real purpose of submitting the CDR. The EA assessors need to test how competent the foreign applicants to live and work in Australian organizations as technocrats. They want to assess the technical problems solved by you in the previous company projects. The solution you provide to resolve them.

Each of the engineering disciplines has its ANZCO code under which you need to apply for the CDR. Thus, you always need to choose the right ANZCO code as per your own are of technical discipline.

The technical design components carry a lot of weight in the EA assessment. Thus, you always need to mention at least 2 designs you have previously worked. Mention all the details associated with them. The CDR report help service provided by us can help you the best.

Keep track of all the technical or engineering calculations you performed during your project. These are to be done along with the results and outcomes as well as the right procedures. Include all these details in your career episodes and to be referred to in the Summary Statement.

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