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FAQ- Avoid CDR Rejection by Engineers Australia(EA)

The Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is the ultimate gateway for the engineers of various disciplines across the world. These reports are assessed by a team known as the Engineers Australia (EA).

In writing the CDR report you need to follow the EA guidelines very carefully. But it is always a better option for you in availing the online CDR writing services from the top provider in the sector. The MyCDRAustralia.Com is always the number one choice for you in this respect.

Detail of the CDR Report

The Three Career Episodes: These are the 3 very important parts of the CDR. Here you need to explain details of all the projects done by you in your entire engineering career. One thing you need to keep in mind while writing the career episodes. Here you always need to focus on your own experience and skills rather than your previous company details.

The Summary Statement (SS): It is a one paragraph long part of your CDR report. In this Summary Statement (SS) you need to give cross references of the major points already mentioned in the 3 Career Episodes before.

The Continued Professional Development (CPD) Report: This is part of the CDR report where you need to write the details of the training, projects, seminars, demonstration, etc. Attended by you. These details might include date, place, time, duration, topic and many more.

Your Updated CV: You always need to enclose your updated CV or resume along with the CDR.

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How Many Reasons behind the Rejection of CDR Application?

A large number of CDR applications from overseas engineers are rejected by the Engineers Australia (EA) assessors. Major reasons for these rejections are as follows:

  • The foreign engineers usually do not follow the update guidelines as published by the EA on their official website.
  • They often fail to write the entire CDR report in pure Australian English
  • The applicants do not write various parts if the CDR like career episodes summary statement and the CPD report as pert he EA rules
  • They often give false claims and do not substantiate them with valid proofs and necessary documentation.
  • Essential certificates related to qualification and experience are often missing
  • There are several mistakes in the career episodes regarding the true experiences and projects done.

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