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The CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) is the ultimate gateway for engineers across the worlds that are aspiring to establish their professional careers in Australia. The CDRs are assessed and selected by a group of assessors know as the Engineers Australia (EA).

You need to follow the EA guidelines very carefully to get you CDR selected. In this case, you preferably need the best online CDR writing services from the top professional CDR writers in the sector.

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The Significance of the Engineers Australia (EA) Ask for the CDR (Competency Demonstration Report)

The EA asks for the CDR report to test your engineering competencies as well as communication skills. To get your CDR approved by the EA, you need to follow the guidelines mentioned in their officially published Migration Skills Assessment Booklet (MSA) booklet.

Many of the foreign applicants are often unable to write good CDR reports since they do not know the writing techniques and EA selection criteria. Some of them also cannot allow enough time and instance to write the report.

They miss many important point and examples in the career episodes, summary statement and CPD part. These are the main reasons for which many CDR reports get rejected by the EA every year. But the CDR report help provided by us can give the best solutions in this regard with 100% EA selections.

Our CDR report samples can also guide you in this respect.

Writing an Acceptable CDR Report

  1. Always begin each of your 3 Career Episodes with an idea of the particular project you are writing about. This might include location, background, project specifications, time, duration, venue, etc. Here you need to emphasize more on your role and accomplishments in the project. Try to give as many examples as you can in the career episodes.
  2. Read the ANZSCO Code as fixed by the EA in your engineering discipline in details. Cover all the major responsibilities or tasks mentioned here.
  3. In each of the Career Episodes (CEs) include 5 to 6 of the tasks to be later referred to in the Summary Statement (SS).
  4. Always write the Career Episode in active voice and 1st person. Try to highlight more on your skills rather than your previous company details.
  5. Focus more on the design components done by you since these design components are given a lot of weight is the assessors of Engineers Australia (EA) for the overseas engineering applicants.
  6. The online assessment writing services provided by the My CDR Australia will follow all the tips mentioned above to get your CDR selected by the EA at one chance. We will also help you get your work permit visa for Australia approved at the same time.

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