How to Write Perfect CDR for Engineers Australia with MyCDRAustralia.Com?

CDR for Engineers Australia

The CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) is the way through which the qualified and aspiring engineers from different countries round the world can live and work in Australia as technocrats.The CDR is assessed by a team known as the Engineers Australia (EA) to test how competent the foreign applicant is to stay and work in Australia. Generally, the EA asks for the CDR writing for demonstrating your technical and communication skills. In this regard you need to follow the Migration Skills Assessment Booklet (MSA) booklet officially published by the Engineers Australia (EA).

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Writing a Good CDR Report

  1. Before starting writing the CDR fully understand the real purpose of writing the report and read the EA guidelines very thoroughly. The CDR report has 3 major elements, you need to understand each of them very clearly.
  2. The three elements are: Continuous Professional Development (CPD) list, 3 Career Episodes and a Summary Statement (SS). Each of these 3 elements serve important purpose in the CDR report. Thus, you need to understand the reason you are writing them.
  3. Write the whole CDR report in Australian English: It is very much similar to that of British English. But you always need to be very careful about the use of words, grammar, spelling, writing style, etc. to meet the draft of Australian English standards.
  4. You need to chose the right topics for your Career Episodes: Have a good idea of the competencies the EA is asking for from the candidates applying under a specific category. These categories include Engineering Technologist, Professional Engineer, Engineering Manager or Engineering Associate.
  5. EA only wants to know about your own skills and competencies and not about your previous company. Thus, you always need to skip the details regarding your previous company history. Instead, focus your personal contribution to the company including the recognition and rewards you have got from your company. But you also need to substantiate the claims with valid proofs.
  6. Each paragraph of the 3 career episodes matter a lot. You need to refer them in the Summary Statement and all the competency elements they point towards. As per our CDR engineers Australia help providers, the Summary Statement (SS) is the very first page that the EA assessors read. This page really demonstrates how well you analyze all the information and gives the “first impression” on them.
  7. Write the three career episodes in active voice and in first person.

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